IT Development

Unity Game Programmer with UX Design experience (Remote)

Work Type: Full Time

Contract Type Service  Contract

Location   Remote

Workload 40 hours/week (5 days/week)

Salary  From $2,700

Start date ASAP

We need a gameplay programmer that have previously worked with the Unity game engine. The programmer are comfortable working independently on the majority of the provided tasks, and are able to solve problems and minor design challenges on their own.

The programmer should have previous experience playing or working on a RPG genre that involves certain multiplayer components to understand the game design we are working on as a whole, and could potentially solve technical challenges that would reflect those experiences.

We’d like the programmer to previously have worked with systems such as Inventory, Equipment, Questing and other similar systems known in an RPG game. We also expect the programmer to be able to create wireframe, suggest UX, prototype.

Some requirements we would like to see are:

  • Able to solve most technical challenges independently
  • Have previously worked OR played RPG games
  • Proficiency in C#
  • Proficiency in Unity
  • Able to prototype different UX designs and be the step between design and programming
  • Are able to work remotely, and communicate through various mediums in both text and speech
  • Take part in weekly check-ins with the team

We highly value having experience with:

• NodeJS


• Cryptography

• Networking

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